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CrafTreat Quilling Strips 5mm - Purple Family

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Size : 5 MM Quilling Paper strips

Quilling Strips

Our CrafTreat Quilling papers Green, Purple, Pink, Brown Family Packs 3MM Quilling paper Strips meet all your needs we never compromised with the Quality of the products. 90 GSM Gradient Color pre-cut Quilling Paper kit best for all kinds of quilling crafts like quilling flowers, Monogram, Greeting cards, Home decor items, jewellery, Frames, miniature paper toy, and a lot more.


How to Use

Step 1: Take a Pre Cut Quilling paper strips as per your requirement.

Step 2: Using a Quilling Tools Mould them According to your required Shapes, then Glue them.

Step 3: Repeat the process based on your needs and glue altogether to form an Quilling Paper Art.