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Craftreat Peacock Green Macrame Cord - 3mm Twisted - 50 Mtrs

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55 yards (50 meters)

CrafTreat Macrame Cotton Cord - 3mm Peacock Green cord is made of Twisting 3 Strand of natural cotton, Available in Natural and Colored ones!

Specification - HSN 5205 55 yards (50 meters) of Twisted Cotton cord is great for both Crafters and beginners to make fun and existing macramé Crafts for Arts, Crafts and Home Decor.

Macrame Cord Uses - These twisted macrame Cotton cord are benifical for a multiple textile art, Wall hanging, Plant hangers, Keychain, Table Decor and more.

NATURAL - Our natural Twisted cotton Thread is Chemical Free and 100% biodegradable.